Lab Safety 





With Respect

  • All students, and their parents, must read and sign a Science Safety Contract in order for the student to use the science lab. 

               ♦  Any student breaking a science safety contract rule will be removed from the lab

                  and will receive a grade of zero for the lab.

               ♦  Students who continue to break safety rules will not be allowed to return to the lab and will

                   be given an alternate activity. They will also receive an office referral for being deliberately

                   unsafe in the laboratory.

  • Goggles must be worn when working with glassware, chemicals, heat, and soils.


  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times. Jackets and sweaters may not be worn in the science

         lab. Authorized lab coats may be worn in lab.


   Always Responsible

  • Stools should be pushed in under tables when not in use. Keep all aisles in the laboratory clear of    obstructions. Do not bring anything other than a lab notebook and pencil into the lab.


  • Tell the teacher immediately about any accidents or unsafe situations.

               ♦  Horse-play will not be tolerated. If it occurs, those involved will be removed from the lab

                  and given a zero for the assignment.

               ♦  If you are not using the equipment properly, or if horse-play is involved, you will be required

                  to pay any broken glassware/equipment.

  • Do not sniff or taste anything without teacher’s direction/permission. Smelling items should be done by holding the material away from your face and gently waving (or waft) the odor towards your nose.


  • Pull loose or long hair back and remove dangling jewelry or lanyards before coming to lab. Dangling items may catch on a piece of lab ware and cause an accident.


  •  Students are not permitted in the science Laboratory without an instructor.


  • Always clean and straighten up your workspace (table, stools, and floor) when you have completed your lab. 


 Yearning to learn

  •  Listen and look for the teacher’s directions. Do not touch anything until instructed by a teacher.


  • Accept your lab job with pride and allow other team members to do the job they have been assigned.


  • If you have an idea for an investigation, talk to your teacher about it and we might be able to try it.






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